We can’t do this without you

You are the people that helped build our towns and cities piece by piece!

Assest Owners & Developers

Have you explored your portfolio’s untapped potential?

Are you looking for an unrealized potential in your next property investment?

Are you looking for a solution to differentiate your investment for tenants?

Are you aware of government incentives schemes to improve the performance of your stock?

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Professional Services Providers

Marketing & Deal flow generation

Market Data Analytics

Cross organisational knowledge share

Resale of company knowledge

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Our clients are not just looking for one rooftop solution! They want to unleash the benefits of all solutions!



Green Roofs

Urban Agriculture

Experiential Solutions e.g: Bars, Art Installations, Saunas & Light Shows.

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Local Governments & Communities

Maximise your portfolios potential

Find space for solutions

Incentivise Sustainable Development

Community Project Opportunities

Let’s create communities with soul not Ticky Tacky

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We can’t do this without you

You are the people that helped build our towns and cities piece by piece!

We are working with property owners and investors to unleash the potential of their property. Skyscape cross references our clients property data, their needs with our analytics to find opportunities.

Now property professionals can be part of the solution!

Upload your new and historic project data into our platform and have unprecedented deal generation opportunities without picking up the phone.

Let your knowledge win you work, resell your historic design information or just shout about how ‘we built this city’.

Company specific interfaces ensure you know what you have worked on, bid on and leverage your colleagues knowledge of projects nearby.

We provide all of this is our state of the art GIS user environment.


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