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Our analytics capabilities will help you find the most suitable rooftop environment based on your project specifications.

Analytics tool

Using deep learning and computer vision

Utilising advanced computer vision techniques based on deep convolutional neural networks we to analyse geospatial data (such as satellite imagery, photogrammetry) allows us to classify and segment rooftops based on their features and attributes, at scale.

Complete understanding of rooftops in urban built environment

We are not only interested in physical properties of a rooftop but also its utilisation potential in a given context and location.

Viability Index

The physical properties of the rooftop including variables such its elevation, orientation, profile, surface area, structural integrity determines the suitability for various applications.

Commercial Analysis

Skyscape identifies a rooftop's commercial potential by analysing and cross referencing the legal constraints with the physical and provides viability assessments of prevalent opportunities supported by lifecycle valuations.

Data Aggregation

By analysing and cross referencing datasets from organisations such as Land Registry, Ordnance Survey, English Heritage and combining those with 3D photogrammetry, satellite imagery and LiDAR data, Skyscape provides a one stop shop for rooftop opportunities.

Query and Inventory Tool

Skyscape provides the ability to query rooftops based on their existing utilisation, viability, physical attributes, and market value.

Asset Owners
Asset value maximization
Additional revenue generation
Incentive schemes
Specific project benefits
Identify development opportunities
Rooftop analysis
Dealflow generation
Market data
Rooftop query tool
GIS data aggregation

Rooftop analysis
Dealflow generation
Market data
GIS data aggregation
Asset query tool
Local Governments
Planning insights and data
Rooftop inventory tool
Incentive schemes advice
Community project opportunities

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