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7 Gen Analytics

Market Intelligence for rooftops

We shift the value of rooftop space in cities from liability to higher-value assets. We are opening a whole new market in urban cities to enable a wealth of opportunities for the property owners, lease holders, and the next generation of solution providers.

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Analysis of rooftop features and specifications

Crucial insight into the physical properties of rooftops allow us to assess their usability.

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Dealflow generation for supply chain

We generate opportunities for suppliers through contextual analysis and understanding of the rooftop environment.

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Rooftop management and planning

We increase asset utilisation of real estate portfolios and allow planners to treat urban challenges more efficiently and locally.

Analytics tool for rooftops

Insight into physical, commercial and contextual properties

We believe rooftop environment in cities represents unique space of enormous value. The barrier to its utilisation had always been limited access to data.

Our analytics aims to provide a holistic understanding of rooftop environment, establish a streamlined process for buying or leasing rooftop spaces and allow rooftop utilisation in systematic urban planning.